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Updated April 2012

WATCH HCW WRESTLING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE www.youtube.com/skatermattie



Want Us to wrestle at your home?

HCW Wrestling is been working hard all of 2010 to2012 with new house shows through out Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada. We are here to inspire other young adults who love the wrestling business, but need some were to start. Why not save lots of money on a real ring and renting a hall and just have it in your house?This is enough to have fun and show the world our inspiration for wrestling. We want our own brand of house wrestling to take over a new idea. With all the support from everyone we will stay strong and keep trying to pull off some great house shows. This is house wrestling at its best.

April 2012 update

So we finally came back after a long break last month. Kicked of March with a nice house hammer show. Thomas Eagle Miller got back on track after beating the Ninja. Anyone who hasn't checked out the Ninja yet be sure to do so as he is a funny wrestler and works well with everyone. Ninja is asking for in ring help. He wants to get better. Who will teach the Ninja? Stay tuned for Aprils show. 2nd match of the March Mayhem was Icon Willster and Devin "the kid" Dearing who actually just started in March. It was an all around MMA vs Wrestling match. Non-title and with a roll up tight pulling win. Devin won. If the officials don't see it then I guess Devin could get away with it. HCW March Mayhem main event was Killer Mat vs Pyscho Mikey for the HCW World Champion. You'll have to watch the video on youtube to check out details. Most I can tell is there was alot of huge slams, back and forth brawl and near count outs in a last man standing match...

Other then that also check out the HCW APRIL BACKYARD TEASER Video on youtube to see the new and improved HCW. As we take it outside in the backyard with a new ring, look, feel and wrestling all together. Its going to get 10 times better. STAY TUNED!

E-mail me if you would like to be part of the show. Thank you and this is house wrestling at its best. We all say FUCK YOU to WWE who tells us not to try this at home.


Wanna try out for Home HCW wrestling?

Check out this new April 2012 BACKYARD Teaser video. Killer Mat, Icon Willster and Devin the kid Dearing take you outside and in the new hcw ring. Its going to be huge so stay tuned for Aprils show to be posted on www.youtube.com 
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